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Darts, hole-outs and aces 🎯  Top shots of the week from @V...
All the best shots from the Valspar Championship 🎬
🗣️ ADAM SCHENK! 🗣️  @ACSchenk1 makes his longest career p...
Schenk momentarily held Valspar lead after this 71-foot bomb 😲
Squirrels are goings nuts @ValsparChamp 🐿️
I, for one, welcome our new squirrel overlords 🤣
Sorry, squirrel 😬
A squirrel interrupting play? That's nuts! 🐿️😆
Taking the lead at the last 🎯 @ACSchenk1 is 8-under after ...
Schenk birdies 18 to head to Sunday with 1-stroke lead 👏
Firing out the gates 🔥 An eagle on No. 1 makes @JordanSpie...
Spieth starts his day with an 🦅
Heads up, cameraman 😅
This one's coming right into your living room 😲
😲 @MJDaffue13 makes birdie the hard way @ValsparChamp.
Not every birdie is easy 🐦
Golf shot 🤌 Perfection from 63 feet by Henrik Norlander @V...
Norlander from a casual 63 feet out 🥱
The defending champ is rolling them in @ValsparChamp 💯 @Sa...
Check out the movement on Burns' birdie 🌀