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Ladies & Gentlemen, please keep your hands and feet inside t...
Criscito's 1st TFC goal is absolute stunner 🤯
Kwadwo Opoku with the break-through in LA! A quick counter-...
Kwadwo Opoku delivers another 3 points for LAFC 🔥
Aaaand Real Salt Lake has an answer almost immediately!
Savarino serves up Brody for Real Salt Lake's winner 🍽️
Oh my my my 🍾⚽ @LAFC up 4-0 now as Chicho finishes off a s...
LAFC are just having fun out there 🕺
.@CH14_ with the panenka! 😤 @LAGalaxy double their lead!
Chicharito pulls off the Panenka with ease 😎
20K GOALS 🙌 Andrew Gutman scores the 20,000th regular-seas...
MLS is now at 20,000 regular-season goals and counting 🎯
Bernardeschi makes it 3-1 with his third goal in MLS. 🇮🇹
Bernardeschi's left foot is lethal 🔥
Lorenzo Insigne gets his first goal in front of the home cro...
Insigne goes wild after scoring 1st goal in Toronto 🤪
Banger. Thiago. Almada. 💥 Almada with a rocket to open the...
Thiago Almada hits it first time with absolute venom 🐍