7 most improbable plays in NFL playoff history
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Stefon Diggs' miraculous last-gasp touchdown to rescue the Minnesota Vikings is now the stuff of legend.

The Vikings went from agony to ecstasy in a matter of seconds, proving once again that a game isn't over until the clock strikes triple zeroes.

"Seven Heaven" is now among the seven most improbable plays in NFL playoff history.

Immaculate Reception

Franco Harris' 60-yard touchdown reception - 1972 Divisional Playoffs

The NFL's original improbable play is also its most controversial.

The Steelers trailed the Raiders 7-6 in the dying moments of their 1972 divisional-round playoff game. On a last-gasp play, Terry Bradshaw scrambled and heaved a ball 35 yards downfield. It was deflected by Raiders safety Jack Tatum ... and plucked by Franco Harris, who ran 40 yards to the end zone to give Pittsburgh a 13-7 lead with five seconds left.

Whether or not Harris caught the ball before it touched the turf, we'll never know.

Music City Miracle

Kevin Dyson's 75-yard kickoff-return touchdown - 1999 Wild Card Weekend

The Music City Miracle is also up for dispute.

Trailing 16-15 with 16 seconds left, the Tennessee Titans had no other recourse. They opted for a trick play upon receiving the kickoff from the Buffalo Bills. Lorenzo Neal handed the ball to tight end Frank Wycheck, who threw it across the field to Kevin Dyson. Dyson did the rest.

The play was ruled a lateral, though it's been debated for 18 years whether it was a forward pass.

Helmet Catch

David Tyree's 32-yard reception - Super Bowl XLII

The Helmet Catch is the rare play on this list that isn't a touchdown. Yet, the sheer degree of difficulty and improbability demands inclusion.

Down to the Patriots 14-10 in Super Bowl XLII with 1:15 remaining, Eli Manning turned Houdini and escaped a sure sack only to throw the ball up for grabs. His receiver David Tyree caught it and pinned it to his helmet as safety Rodney Harrison tried with all his might to rip the ball away.

The miraculous reception led to the game-winning and legend-cementing touchdown.

Mile High Miracle

Jacoby Jones' 70-yard game-tying touchdown - 2012 Divisional Playoffs

It may be the closest thing to the rabbit that the Vikings pulled out of their hat this past weekend.

In the 2011 playoffs, against a juggernaut Broncos squad, the Ravens faced a seven-point deficit with 44 seconds remaining in their divisional-round game. Joe Flacco heaved a bomb to Jacoby Jones that Broncos safety Rahim Moore badly misplayed, resulting in a 70-yard touchdown.

The game went to double overtime and the Ravens ultimately prevailed. Many of the Broncos in that game were watching Sunday when Diggs made a similar tide-turning reception.

Hail Mary

Jeff Janis' 41-yard game-tying touchdown - 2015 Divisional Playoffs

Aaron Rodgers made throwing Hail Mary touchdown passes routine.

On the last play of regulation in a back-and-forth affair with the Cardinals in the 2015 playoffs, Rodgers rolled to his left before lofting a Hail Mary to the end zone that was caught by Jeff Janis. The stroke of brilliance sent the game to overtime.

Arizona won three plays later, but Rodgers' pass remains one of the best in playoff history.

Goal-line Interception

Malcolm Butler's game-saving interception - Super Bowl XLIX

They really threw the ball from the 1-yard line.

The Patriots were bracing for the worst, up by four with the Seahawks on their doorstep. But, on second-and-goal with under 30 seconds remaining, Seattle opted for a pass instead of a Marshawn Lynch run.

Malcolm Butler became a folk hero for his clutch interception to win Super Bowl XLIX.

Seven Heaven

Diggs' 61-yard game-winning touchdown - 2017 Divisional Playoffs

​Down by one in Sunday's divisional-round game, the Vikings had the ball at their own 39-yard line with 10 seconds left on the clock.

The play that came in to quarterback Case Keenum was called "Seven Heaven" and he promised he'd give his receivers a chance. Diggs ran the 7 route. The rest, as they say, is history.

7 most improbable plays in NFL playoff history
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