Poll suggests NFL among most divisive U.S. brands following Trump attacks

The NFL has become one of the United States' most divisive brands in the wake of President Donald Trump's attacks on the league regarding player protests during the national anthem, according to a poll conducted by The New York Times.

Prior to Trump's calls three weeks ago for the NFL to fire any player who protests, Republicans and Democrats held similar views about the league, with around 60 percent viewing it favorably and 20 percent unfavorably.

However, since then, Trump voters are significantly more likely to say they see the NFL in a negative light. More than 60 percent now view it unfavorably, while the opinions of Hillary Clinton voters haven't substantially changed.

The NFL is now the seventh-most polarizing brand in the country, behind the likes of Trump hotels, CNN, and Fox News, in terms of net favorability between Trump and Clinton voters.

Poll suggests NFL among most divisive U.S. brands following Trump attacks
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