NBA Podcast: The most interesting teams of the offseason so far

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Welcome to the latest edition of "Pound the Rock," an NBA podcast hosted by Joseph Casciaro and Joe Wolfond.

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Topics for this week's episode include:

  • The five most interesting teams of the offseason so far
  • How good can Miami be with Kyle Lowry?
  • Will the Heat come to regret their massive long-term commitment to Jimmy Butler?
  • The pros and cons of DeMar DeRozan in Chicago
  • Can the Bulls' supercharged backcourt make up for their defensive question marks and lack of forward depth?
  • In adding Kemba Walker and Evan Fournier, the Knicks have put together their best guard rotation in eons
  • Which team's future outlook is more promising: Knicks or Bulls?
  • What does the Lakers' flurry of free-agent signings really amount to?
  • Can L.A.'s newfound emphasis on offense overcome the step back it's likely to take on defense?
  • Is Dwight Howard better than Andre Drummond, despite the age gap?
  • Should the Lakers be considered Western Conference favorites?
  • The Pelicans' roster makes a bit more sense around Zion, but did they overpay for a series of marginal upgrades?
  • Would Zion really consider taking the qualifying offer?
  • What's the ceiling for this New Orleans team?
NBA Podcast: The most interesting teams of the offseason so far
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