Damon Jones dishes on JR Smith soup incident: 'It was hot as hell'
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Details of JR Smith's infamous "soup-gate" incident a year ago have finally surfaced.

Smith dominated headlines last season when he was suspended one game for an infamous dispute involving a bowl of soup. Reports of the incident last March only said Smith was punished for throwing the bowl at Damon Jones, then an assistant coach with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Smith refused to go into further detail regarding the fiasco, leaving fans devoid of specifics.

Until now.

Jones appeared Monday on ESPN's "Jalen & Jacoby" show and finally spilled some of the details.

"For a long time, I refused to talk about the soup incident. It's okay now because I've moved on," Jones said. "Me and JR, we've talked about it and he apologized. But it was the bowl plus the soup. And it was the first bowl out of the pot so it was hot as hell. Very hot.

"It went everywhere. I was standing up and it hit me in the shoulder, arm, everywhere. It hit the wall. It was a mess. ... All I remember was the soup was on my arm and it was hot as hell."

Jones also revealed he and Smith were on strict no-speaking terms after the incident.

"We didn't talk to each other for probably three months. Not one word," Jones said. "And then I remember it was a night after a back-to-back. We was in Philadelphia. We had a conversation and said 'You know what, brothers have quarrels, I'm sorry, I apologize, let's move on.'"

Though still on the team's books, Smith hasn't played for the Cavaliers since Nov. 19 when he accused the team of intentionally losing to garner higher draft picks. The following day, Cleveland announced he would no longer be with the team while it worked to resolve his future.

Damon Jones dishes on JR Smith soup incident: 'It was hot as hell'
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