Study: Bieber fans accounted for more than half Chris Paul's All-Star votes

Kevin Sousa / USA TODAY Sports

Chris Paul's fifth-place finish among Western Conference guards in All-Star fan voting left him shy of a starting spot - and he wouldn't have been able to play in the All-Star Game anyway, thanks to a thumb injury - but damned if his most famous fan didn't do his best to get him in.

Pop music star Justin Bieber tweeted his support for the Los Angeles Clippers point guard's All-Star candidacy, and encouraged his 91 million followers to do the same.

According to data compiled by ESPN's Baxter Holmes from social-media intelligence firm Graphika, the fan votes Paul received directly from Bieber's endorsement made up more than half of his final tally (735,460).

Though it didn't ultimately make the difference for Paul, many an aspiring future All-Star could conclude that it'd be beneficial to have Bieber in their corner.