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Watch: Klose, Brundage score unbelievable slam KOs in back-to-back fights

Josh Hedges / UFC / Getty

Something must be in the air at UFC Austin.

For the first time in UFC history, fans witnessed slam knockouts in consecutive bouts. Lightweight Drakkar Klose started the trend, slamming Joe Solecki onto the side of his head to escape an armbar and shut out the lights.

Here's a look at the stoppage in slow motion:

Middleweight Cody Brundage must've seen the finish while warming up in the back because he came out just minutes later against Zachary Reese and added an eerily similar highlight to his reel. Brundage slammed Reese to try to escape a triangle choke - he not only got out of the submission but scored a brutal knockout, too.

For U.S. viewers:

For Canadian viewers:

There were only 12 slam knockouts in the UFC's 30-year history before Saturday, according to ESPN Stats & Info. Klose's win was the 13th, and Brundage's the 14th. This is the first time two knockouts of that fashion happened at the same UFC event.

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