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Yankees' Soto promises to do shuffle, flip bat '500 feet' on big HRs

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New York Yankees outfielder Juan Soto won't change the way he plays the game just because he's on a new team.

The 25-year-old promised to continue with his fun-loving approach by familiarizing Yankee fans with his trademark Soto Shuffle this season.

"100%, I'm doing my shuffle every time," Soto told the New York Post's Jon Heyman. "Everyone knows that it's part of my game. If (people) like it or they don't, I'm going to do it."

The three-time All-Star also admitted to enjoying when opposing pitchers emphatically celebrate after getting him out, so long as his opponents are prepared for him to revel in his own successes.

"I won't get mad," Soto said. "I'm just going to tip my cap, and I'll see you next time. But definitely, when I get you, don't be mad at me because it's going to be loud. When I hit a big home run, I'm going to flip my bat 500 feet in the air."

Soto hit his first home run in a Yankees uniform during a spring contest against the Toronto Blue Jays on Sunday.

The outfielder did a little skip rounding third base before joyfully hopping on home plate to celebrate the blast.

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