Watch: Tebow stays in game after taking pitch off head
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That Tim Tebow is one tough cookie.

The most famous minor-league baseball player on the planet had a big-time scare while hitting for the St. Lucie Mets during Saturday's Florida State League game. In the top of the ninth inning, Tampa Yankees pitcher Trevor Lane beaned Tebow in the head with a pitch, knocking his helmet clear off its mooring.

Amazingly, not only did Tebow shake it off, but the pitch didn't even knock the 29-year-old down. After taking a moment to gather himself, he simply headed to first base as if nothing untoward had happened, before coming around to score St. Lucie's first run of the game.

But hey, why should we be surprised? Tebow's played in the NFL and won a Heisman Trophy. He's taken far worse hits to the head than this one.

Watch: Tebow stays in game after taking pitch off head
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