Alex Chippin headshot
Alex Chippin
News Editor
Alex Moretto headshot
Alex Moretto
Supervising Editor, Sports Betting
Anthony Lopopolo headshot
Anthony Lopopolo
News Editor
Brandon Maron headshot
Brandon Maron
News Editor
Brandon Wile headshot
Brandon Wile
Supervising Editor
Bryan Mcwilliam headshot
Bryan Mcwilliam
News Editor
C Jackson Cowart headshot
C Jackson Cowart
Sports Betting Writer
Caio Miari headshot
Caio Miari
News Editor
Caitlyn Holroyd headshot
Caitlyn Holroyd
Social News Editor
Chicco Nacion headshot
Chicco Nacion
News Editor
Dan Wilkins headshot
Dan Wilkins
Supervising Editor
Dane Belbeck headshot
Dane Belbeck
Supervising Editor
Daniel Rouse headshot
Daniel Rouse
Senior News Editor
Daniel Valente headshot
Daniel Valente
News Editor
David P. Woods headshot
David P. Woods
Senior Supervising Editor
Devang Desai headshot
Devang Desai
Supervising Editor
Dom Cosentino headshot
Dom Cosentino
Senior Features Writer
Donald Higney headshot
Donald Higney
Gianluca Nesci headshot
Gianluca Nesci
Supervising Editor
Gino Bottero headshot
Gino Bottero
Gordon Brunt headshot
Gordon Brunt
News Editor
Guy Spurrier headshot
Guy Spurrier
Features Editor
Hayley McGoldrick headshot
Hayley McGoldrick
Jack Browne headshot
Jack Browne
News Editor
Jeff Wall headshot
Jeff Wall
Joe Wolfond headshot
Joe Wolfond
Features Writer
John Matisz headshot
John Matisz
Senior NHL Writer
Jonah Birenbaum headshot
Jonah Birenbaum
Senior Editor, Multimedia
Jonathan Soveta headshot
Jonathan Soveta
News Editor
Joseph Casciaro headshot
Joseph Casciaro
Senior NBA Writer
Josh Gold-Smith headshot
Josh Gold-Smith
Senior News Editor
Josh Goldberg headshot
Josh Goldberg
Josh Wegman headshot
Josh Wegman
News Editor
Josh Weinstein headshot
Josh Weinstein
Basketball News Editor
Justin Boone headshot
Justin Boone
Lead Fantasy Analyst
Kayla Douglas headshot
Kayla Douglas
News Editor
Lara Kuipers headshot
Lara Kuipers
Golf Editor
Louis Ibeh headshot
Louis Ibeh
Luke Wells headshot
Luke Wells
Matt Russell headshot
Matt Russell
Matthew Washington headshot
Matthew Washington
News Editor
Matthew Winick headshot
Matthew Winick
News Editor
Meghan Harrison headshot
Meghan Harrison
Supervising Editor, Copy
Michael Bradburn headshot
Michael Bradburn
News Editor
Michael J. Chandler headshot
Michael J. Chandler
Supervising editor
Mike Dickson headshot
Mike Dickson
Supervising Editor
Navin Vaswani headshot
Navin Vaswani
Managing Editor
Nick Baldwin headshot
Nick Baldwin
News Editor
Nick Faris headshot
Nick Faris
Features Writer
Rob Heard headshot
Rob Heard
Rory Barrs headshot
Rory Barrs
Director, Content
Scott Campsall headshot
Scott Campsall
Sean O'Leary headshot
Sean O'Leary
News Editor
Simon Sharkey-Gotlieb headshot
Simon Sharkey-Gotlieb
News Editor
The Associated Press headshot
The Associated Press
theScore Staff headshot
theScore Staff
Todd Cordell headshot
Todd Cordell
Tom Ruminski headshot
Tom Ruminski
News Editor
Travis Sawchik headshot
Travis Sawchik
Senior Baseball Writer